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What is GRIIDC?

GRIIDC is a multidisciplinary data repository that stores and disseminates data. Data can be searched and downloaded for free and data can be stored for a fee. Our mission is to ensure a data and information legacy that promotes continual scientific discovery and public awareness of the Gulf of Mexico ecosystem.

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GRIIDC provides researchers a place to share and discover data. Learn about our program and how we can help!

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Radiographic assessment of pectoral fin bone maturation in bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus), as a novel technique to accurately estimate chronological age

Authors: Barratclough, Ashley, Roberto Sanz-Requena, Luis Marti-Bonmati, Todd L. Schmitt, Eric Jensen and Daniel García-Párraga

Published on 2019-09-11

File Format: xlxs, pdf


Geohazards map of the Texas coast under two projected sea level rise scenarios

Authors: Subedee, Mukesh, Lihong Su, Pu Huang, Jessica Magolan, and James Gibeaut

Published on 2023-10-13

File Format: pdf, xml, tif, tfw, cpg, dbf, ovr, dir

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