Data File Transfer Methods

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Dataset Submission allows you to submit a dataset file to the GRIIDC system using different methods. The method you will use depends on the size of the dataset file and the location of your data. For a dataset file that is less than 2 GB in size, GRIIDC recommends using the Direct Upload method to submit your file; this method does not require any specialized software or technical expertise. Other methods to submit a dataset file to GRIIDC are described below. Please contact us if you have questions or concerns about what method you should use to submit your dataset.

Remotely Hosted Datasets

If your dataset is already available at an approved National Data Archive, such as National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), HYCOM, National Centers for Environmental Information, or Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICSPR), you can enter the URL of the digital object identifier (DOI) to the dataset under the “Enter URL” tab of the “Submit” tab on dataset submission.

Extremely Large (Multi-TB) Datasets

SFTP and Globus GridFTP are supported methods for submission of extremely large datasets where web upload is not practical. To use these methods, select the “Large Files” tab on the dataset submission page, and select the user profile page link. Once on your user profile, you will select the Request Globus/SFTP Access button. This will enable access to the SFTP/GridFTP endpoint.

At this point, you can upload files/folders via your preferred SFTP application, or via the GridFTP network. Once your files/folders are uploaded, they should be visible in the drop-down menu in the “Large Files” section of the dataset submission page. For further assistance, contact us.