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How to Submit Data to GRIIDC

The following two step process is used to submit datasets to the GRIIDC system. This process includes data management planning, dataset documentation, and the assignment of a digital object identifier (DOI). You may be prompted to log in to the GRIIDC System before accessing the following submission tools.

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  • Step 1: Identify the Dataset

    The Dataset Information Form (DIF) is a data management planning tool for researchers. DIFs should be completed soon after receiving funding, during project planning and organization, or according to funder-provided timelines. Information provided in the DIF will be used to pre-populate fields during dataset submission.

    Dataset Information Form

  • Step 2: Submit the Dataset

    Once your dataset has been collected or generated, you can submit it directly to GRIIDC through Dataset Submission. Alternatively, if there is a discipline-specific national data archive (e.g., NCBI GenBank) where the data are submitted and publicly available, the dataset's location can be provided to GRIIDC during dataset submission. For additional information, see our Data File Transfer Methods page.

    Dataset Submission

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